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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 7PM  KOFY  October 7, 2015 7:00pm-8:01pm PDT

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>>. all three suspects were arrested outside of a community dining hall in the city -- >> police capture three suspects accused of killing a man walking his dog in marin county. the community comes out to support the work of an artist killed while painting a peace mural in oakland. a search for a man in handcuffs but it wasn't police who let him get away. the governor signs a bill to keep california at the fore front of climate change. why it may not be what he was hoping for. >> it sdnlt change the fact that someone great is gone. >> friends of steve carter reacting after hearing authorities arrested three people for the death of their
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close friend. geerngs i'm dan ashley. >> i'm ama daetz. county investigators announced the arrests this afternoon. vic lee is live with reaction from close friends but theirs, let's get to wayne freedman with more on what police say was a real group effort. wayne? >> reporter: good evening, ama. the suspects, two men and a woman are in a courtroom jail, awaiting questioning by marin county sheriff deputies who are on the way. it appears they identified the suspect early. they knew they were going to oregon. how, why, details and motives, we're still waiting for that to come out. this is a photograph from a frame of a three suspects taken in a point reyes gas station 30 minutes after the murder of 67-year-old steve carter. marin county sheriff deputies saw this, they knew they're on to something. >> these subjects were
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identified early on by a number of people that came forward almost immediately to report persons of suspicion. >> let's sit down and create a sacred space.tub >> reporter: he and his wife were world renowned for tantric teachings. no one knows how he ran into trouble monday night, only that deputies found him dead, and the car, gone. deputies were able to track them it and the suspects were inside of the volkswagon jetta when arrived in portland this afternoon. >> today, technology is different. many people are in possession of cameras in their cars, homes and businesses. in this instance, those systems became crucial to the pursuit and apprehension of the suspects.
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>> reporter: in normally easy going fairfax, word of the arrests provides relief. tonight, residents know their hiking trial and o the loma alt space is safe once again. a family spokesman talked about the violent loss of their loved ones and at rests in this case. vic lee is live at the hiking trail in marin where he was killed. vic? >> reporter: let's go to sky 7 hd. an hour and a half ago, a search and rescue team arrived here near the hiking trail, then, began climbing up the hills looking for what they said was evidence. they would not tell us what the evidence was, but you know that gun is still missing. so what you're seeing now, from sky 7 hd are the search and
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rescue teams, looking for that evidence. they're about a mile, mile and a half away from the hiking trail near sir francis drake boulevard. today, the spokesman for the family, the steve carter family spoke to us about carter, about what happened that evening, and about the arrest today. the arrest of the suspects were a relief to the family. however... >> it doesn't change the fact that someone great is gone. >> i think steve would want to make sure that they do, indeed get the help they need. >> reporter: paul and mary alice were close friends with steve and his wife, they met at the ecstatic living institute that steve founded. >> they helped a lot of people overtime, with just making their relationships richer, fuller. and better. >> reporter: the carters moved
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to costa rica after he retired but moved back so his wife could be treated at marin hospital after she was diagnosed with cancer. the carters were staying at this house. >> he decided to go into fairfax to pick up parts, run errands, take his dog for a walk. >> reporter: every afternoon, carter would take his dog, coco on a walk. >> he decided that would be a place to go for a walk that >> reporter: carter came here to this trail with coco. they went to bed early. >> 2:00 in the morning steve was not here and an hour and a half later, the police arrived.
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>> reporter: the dog had been shot in the jaw and chest but is expected to survive. vic lee, abc7 news. police in san jose are searching for a suspect in handcuffs who escaped a bail bondsman this afternoon. this is happening at burnett middle school. investigators say the man got away. parents tell abc7 news the school was locked down about half an hour. and more breaking news in san francisco. take a look at this. this man pushed himself on a second story window sill in a standoff with police. they say he ran during a traffic stop. sky 7 was above the scene south of market. the situation has forced police to shut down roads in the area, causing traffic congestion
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during the commute. police negotiators are talking with the guy. they have large cushioning20u76r the man if he jumps. the body of a missing boater near livermore has been found. a fisherman found the body this morning. police believe it is the contractor in sales forces i.t.organization. sky 7 was over the scene this week. police say he was with seven other people on a team building exercise when their boat started taking on water. the others managed to swim to shore. dozens of children were evacuated from a san jose day care center after a fire broke out this afternoon. the kiddie academy on west capitol expressway, crews were mopping up. the fire was caused by a construction crew and was extinguished. the fire department tweeted this photo, all received pink
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firefighter hats. artists of all ages are hard at work trying to finish what one artist started. antonio ramos was gunned down while working to create this mural. part of a team trying to create a thing of beauty and a day of peace in oakland. today, children joined in the effort and laura anthony has the story. >> reporter: these kids don't know much about what happened here, only why they want to be here. >> my family, i love them. >> reporter: do you want it to be safe? >> yes. >> reporter: children from the neighborhood joined in the effort to finish the west oakland mural about peace, with a scene of tragedy last week. >> why do you think it needs a message of peace? >> to stop the violence. >> pr tis payings of the students, the children is important. they're going to be proud of what they're doing. this is going to stay until they grow older.
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>> reporter: the 27-year-old artist, antonio ramos was shot and killed while painting near this spot. ramos exchanged a few words with a passerby, who then shot him. after days off, the work of finishing what ramos started resumed this week. this mother brought her young children to help out. . >> i believe it's okay to come out and help out the community. >> reporter: police released this photo of a person of interest wanted in connection with ramos' murder. in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. oakland police named a suspect in the deadly shooting of an ice cream vendor. investigators hope someone will recognize this man, jovan lopez. they believe the 23-year-old shot and killed a victim saturday afternoon on peach street. he died at the scene. governor brown signed a bill aimed at keeping california as a
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world leader in fighting climate change. today, above the sky in los angeles, the bill set a goal for california to meet by 2030, to get half of our electricity from solar and wind. and governor brown is challenging his republican opponents who oppose tougher environmental laws. >> we hope they're going to come back to the good old days of reagan and nixon, where people cared about clean air and clean water. >> part of the proposal did not become part of the new law. curtailed a provision tou1u the fossil fuel use in half. governor brown also signed a bill to prevent sidewalk tolls at the golden gate bridge and other pedestrian bridges. governor brown said, quote, finally a bad idea is off the table. he said this legislation encourages an active life style
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and proof the state is a world leader in fighting climate change. two days after the governor signed the physician assisted suicide law, critics are moving forward with an effort to repeal it. >> you're not looking at people who may be harm whoed may be low income, poor health insurance. who may live in county was out pallative re, that there is a cheap solution, and they are steered towards that. >> they have three days to gather 365,000 signatures for the referendum to appear on the ballot. the death with dignity law allows california physicians to prescribe lethal drugs to patients who have less than six months to live. >> bed bugs closed another south bay library tonight. >> i didn't know it was here and now. >> what appeared to be behind the bed bug explosion in the bay
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area. fleet week is in full swing. the training exercise that had firefighters and marines working side by side. i'm spencer christian. well, fleet week may feel like heat week in parts of the bay area, i'll have more in the accu-weather forecast coming up in just a moment. changes in the way pg and e calculates your bill could lead to higher rates.
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library. the menlo park library. it's the third library to report an infestation in that area. the bed bugs trachl in furniture, do authorities believe the homeless might be bringing those in? >> reporter: library officials say there is no way to know, but one inspector thinks so. take a look. people are trying to come and drop off books, greeted just by a lock and sign saying we're dealing with bed bugs.
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it's the third library to report the infestation in three weeks. >> this is cooling off. yes. good girl. >> reporter: molly the bed bug hunter can can smell 60 bed bug odors. >> she's really high, around 98%. >> reporter: he says there is a bed bug explosion in the bay area, he and this 3-year-old jack russell terrier mix aren't just visiting homes. >> reporter: public places like the menlo park library. the third library to report an infestation. they found bed bugs in the public seating area. >> that is disgusting. >> i didn't know it was here and now. >> reporter: adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed.
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inspect your books. they like to hide along the spine and seam. check for bags and smudges, that is mirror waste matter. >> reporter: in palo alto, it's all clear, but there may be more dog as head for dogs like molly. tomorrow, fleet week fans will be able to tour some of the military ships in town for the celebration. and the canadian naval ship is also joining the roster of military vessels on display for fleet week. the ship tours run from 10:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the afternoon and they're free of charge. fleet week is known for airplanes, but today, sailors and marines rolled up their sleeves next to the san
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francisco fire department. abc7 news explains the training today could keep it safe when disaster strikes. >> reporter: these marines are heros. now, they're learning to be super heros. >> it could be a big help. >> you may not have fuel or power tools. >> reporter: using wedges they can lift thousands of pounds to rescue people in the rubble. who is teaching them this? the san francisco fire department. >> i had in idea you did this. >> reporter: they slice through rebar, practice shoring up a collapsing building. they go inside, looking for survivors with firefighters. >> we're a support organization. >> reporter: it's not about service members learning from firefighters. the fire department learned from
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our military, here there is a big piece on display. >> we have one of two ambulance buses. >> reporter: donated by the mta, they've been outfitted with stretchers and gear. >> including medical dressings. >> reporter: it's the whole concept of treating on a bus came from the armed forces. >> most of what we learned inn- modern medicine had some root in the military. >> reporter: with talk of explosions and earthquakes there was one fire. a barbecue watch. two veterans shared how they became firefighters after service. >> like the marine corps. it's about teamwork. >> reporter: on treasure island, jonathan bloom, abc7 news. we've been asking the abc7 news community to tell us about water wasters. today we found an egregious case. sprinklers found flowing freely at the strip mall, they were
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watering rocks and pavement of the parking lot. we've reached out to the city and property owner for comment. we have not received a response, yet. in one is owning up to be the biggest water waster. one home used 800,000 gallons in a year. these homes along one street in oakdale, someone is using 2,000 gallons per day. officials won't reveal a name. >> rather than using dish washer, i do everything by hand. >> you should see my lawn. i haven't been watering. >> there is no way i use that much water in the yard. cut down half. it's just -- i don't see it being me. >> the local utility shared water savingçó ideas to help cu back. if you think you see water
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wasters, let us know. we'll check it out and let you know what we find. >> we will, indeed. with any luck we'll be out of this situation if we get enough rain. >> lovely weather for fleet week. clear skies, here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clear skies now, and just a few high clouds around. that has been the pattern throughout the day and into evening hours. here is a view from our roof top camera looking over the embarcadero and over the bay. 68 in oakland. mountain view, 68 , 69. this is an amazing view from sutro tower. you can see the reflection of the soon to be setting sun off buildings there. it's 71 degrees in santa rosa. 70 in novato. 79 in fairfield and 82 in livermore. one more live view of the soon to be setting sun from our
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camera. that is a spectacular view. partly cloudy skies tonight, mild to warm next few days, with higher humidity. a little bit higher over the weekend. here is the satellite image, high pressure back to now, and this is hurricane ohno down here, we're experiencing nice autumn warmth here in the bay area. just a few high clouds moving in. let's move along and look at the week ahead in san jose, representing high temperatures for the next several days. average highs 77 degrees but highs remain quite a few degrees above average throughout the weekend and bouncing to almost 90 degrees next tuesday. so we have warm weather coming our way to all parts of the bay area for fleet week with the air show performance, the skies are looking sunny. especially in mid day hours. maybe a little bit of lingering fog in early morning.
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now, hurricane oho. it's in the cooler waters of the northern pacific, expected to weaken getting farther north towards the coast of british columbia. and it could be a big rain storm. overnight here in the bay area, partly cloudy skies, low temperatures in the upper 50s. look like highs in upper 50s, tomorrow's high in the low to mid-80s for the most part. about 83 in san jose. peninsula, upper 70 s to low 80s in mountain view. upper 60s to near 70s on the coast. tomorrow, up in the north bay, highs 85 in santa rosa. east bay highs, 77 in oakland, 82 castro valley. inland east bay, nice, warm, highs in mid to upper 80s. temperatures will warm up to about 90 inland friday, dropping off saturday before bouncing
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back and you may get to low 90s inland by tuesday of next week. very warm weather is ahead. and changes can happen, suddenly in october. be open the lookout. >> thank you. >> we're going to talk about a urination problem in san francisco. >> how you can g sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers.
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. >> update now in conclusion to our breaking news in san francisco. this man just surrendered to police in the south of market district a short time ago. the man was just dangle aring from afu theg#ubchp. theaters÷u ñ in the area may sti feel the impact in the zu8÷area san francisco is expanding efforts to stop people from relieving themselves in public. more so called pee walls are being added. crews sprayed urine repellent. people who relieve themselves get a nasty surprise. if it hits, it splashes back. public works says nine #% of the pee walls are working. >> we have to take a steamer out. it's a huge cost that has been saved in addition, we're saving water. >> nine walls have been coated
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and 11 more or on the way. a homeowner in mill valley says she's experienced in cutting down trees after taking on a 130 giant and lost. he told abc7 news he considered himself a tree expert saying he's worked in the field but yesterday, he tried to save money by cutting down this pine, it ended up shifting towards power lines. the fire department called in an arborist. he will still have to pay. >> well, there is new danger of flooding on the east coast. >> not over yet. we need to continue our prayers. >> you'll get the latest from south carolina as residents there prepare for more. also a terrifying discovery across the world. how terrorists may be obtaining dangerous, radio active weapons. and are the raiders on the move again? the action the
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more flooding may be on the way in south carolina. ç prop rags for another round of water. >> rain may be gone, but south carolina is reeling. in the town of king street, after the weekend deal youth, so many are being warned to prepare for more evacuations anded intoing. >> we haven't experienced anything like this. >> in the capitol city of columbia, crews are filling sink holes, buil4)÷ rock dams and dropping sandbags. this as authorities continue to monitor several rivers at, or near flood stage and rising with the 400 roads and bridges closed. >> this is a situation where if
7:32 pm
that road is closed it's closed because we're trying to do this for safety. >> two people died overnight after their truck driven around a road block or swept away. the weather related death toll from the carolinas to 19. what we have behind me is the columbia canal, breached on monday. the national guard was sandbagging. it turns out this is one of two areas of immediate concern for officials. abc news, columbia, south carolina. the coast guard search for 33 missing crew members from a sunken u.s. cargo ship is over tonight. the el faro sank on thursday off the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. searchers found a body in a survival suit and debris from the ship. the coast guard searched near the bahamas. dramatic video exposes a black market.
7:33 pm
smugglers selling radioactive material to terrorist groups in the middle east. they say the recent arrest was in february, and involved a criminal gang with ties to russia. the ap reports they're targeting hospitals to get their potentially deadly goods, uranium, that could be used to make a&cu dirty bomb. >> in a dirty bomb explosion, there would be few immediate casualties but could shut down an urban area. a capitol of the united states. for years. >> police say at accused smugglers were looking for buyers from extremist group that's would target the u.s. >> president obama is apologizing for doctor was out borders for a u.s. air attack that hit a hospital in afghanistan. the president spoke to the group's president about the bombing that killed 22 people. white house spokesman says the
7:34 pm
president offered condolences and promises an investigation is underway. >> the president assured the doctor that the department of defense investigation underway will provide sishg stainses of the incident. >> the white house says the president spoke with afghan president and pledged to keep working closely with his government. hillary clinton is breaking from president obama tonight. the former secretary of state said she opposed the pacific rim trade accord backed by the president saying there are too many unanswered questions. it's also opposed by liberal democrats and bernie sanders. the president said the deal is to engage with asia. a rough day for san mateo based go pro. analysts say the new tiny camera
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is a flop. over all, markets had another solid day, however, new shopping site is abandoning the main business model, announcing today it will do away with its required $50 membership fee. jet insisted the fee would be it'sm u sole source of profit. the site launched as we reported in july. ?m+ñpandora will buy ticket for $450 million. saying 80 million people use it's free service every month. a pilot escaped with cuts after crashing between homes in southern california. you can see where that plane stopped in a front yard in
7:36 pm
compton. it did hit items in the yard but missed homes. firefighters say the plane's only engine failed this afternoon. the wings also broke off before crashing. a former sanford student won the nobel prize in chemistry. for mapping and explaining how human cells repair 1973. the nobel literature prize will be announced tomorrow and peace prize on friday. committee overseeing a potential football franchise in los angeles says he expects three teams to ask for permission to move tos7u%b southern californi january. one is the raiders. art rooney spoke about it today, his comment set a time line for fans to ask for permission to
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move. rooney says he expects a vote to be taken that month. a super majority of 24 yes votes is needed for any team to relocate. are you sleeping less than you'd like? you're not alone. a conference filled with people trying to revolutionize the way you sleep. abc7 is honoring hispanic heritage month. today, we recognize sandra®5dv jordan. >>ñhu% shew+ñd partner was lo to develop housing in peru in the andes community and serves on the board of an organization that sends medical
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sleep experts say it's a good idea to turn off electronic devices to relax and get a good night's sleep. however, technology is following us to bed to diagnose why millions of us wake up restless. david louie attended a sleep summit in santa clara. >> reporter: a sleepness night is not good for anyone. >> more mistakes, more set backs, and the employee is there, but they're not there. >> reporter: so technology start ups were invited to encourage more collaboration and demonstrate possible solutions. the dream cam was developed to
7:41 pm
help children with autism to relax and fall asleep. but parents discovered it helps them, too. >> we had parents calling us and telling us this is amazing. my kid, who hasn't slept five years is sleeping. and i'm going in and grabbing a pillow at night and taking it in my room. i slept the best i've slept in years. >> it sends vibrations from music to the part of the brain that triggers relaxation. other devices such as this nop pod are being used by google to encourage employees to take a mid day rest. soothing music is played to induce sleep. new kinds of sleep monitors are being developed such as this ring called an aura. >> we need to make them as noninvasive and passive that they're just there, doing their own thing. we don't really need to act ti vat them.
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>> it's not a far fetched subject, silicon valley leaders will be trying to hang onto the study at night. abc7 snooze. >> pg and e is taking the step towards raising your rates. how new changes will affect your monthly bill. >> we want to see what you can take with your camera. share photos with us like this. a viewer sent thus photo looking from the bay bridge into san francisco. we certainly enjoy sharing them with everybody on the air,
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[get up to 48 monthsw interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with stearns & foster. the triple choice sale ends soon at sleep train. hundreds of thousands of pg and e customers received a notice in the mail notifying them of a rate hike. >> it's a new system that critics say will mean higher rates for most of us. >> a lot of people are paying attention because the minimum charge, you still needg[$ to pa
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attention. here is why. milo swagger is one of 200,000 homeowners in the service area who installed solar in his home. up until now, his monthly pg and e bill for his home has been less than $5 per month. the new charge is now $10. >> i didn't understand what it was accomplishing. >> 99% of the customers pay bills higher than $10 a month. the minimum charge impacts solar customers, and those with vacation homes where power turned off. pg and e says the higher charge approved by the california public utilities commission is necessary to keep everyone connected. >> have you to make sure connections are maintained so when the sun doesn't shine, pg and e can be a back up battery to help solar customers stay lit in their home. >> reporter: executive director of the reform network say it's a
7:47 pm
step closer to a new rate structure that will raise rates for many. >> minimum bills are just the tip of the iceberg for pg and e. what they want is charges of $10 a month for all customers. >> mark tony predicts it will lead to rate hikes up to 80% of pg and e customers. how? well, they would pay a fixed $10 fee on top of charges for the electricity they use. those who use the least amount of energy will see hikes. people who use the most amount of energy will see rate reductiog7urçjdvym.áqbuctions.. >> pg and e has a decades long history of helping people save money. >> they see it as counter productive for saving energy. >> where is the benefit to y solar? or go solar? >> pg and e is encouraging
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anyone confused about the charge to give them a call. the move is not likely to happen until 2019. now, to see my report online go now, to see my report online go tot7uu
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now, to see my report online go tot7uu it took joel silverman years to become a master dog trainer. but only a few commands to master depositing checks at chase atms. technology designed for you. so you can easily master the way you bank.
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head coach said today he has confidence in his quarterback and has not entertained sitting him in a game, then, collin kaepernick says he will work his way out of the mess that is not completely his fault. now, all that has been taken away and he's been exposed with a quarterback with a fast ball. now teams are putting eight
7:53 pm
players in the box to stop the run. kaep said he doesn't want to take a game off, or mental health day. >> it is doing everything i can to help the team win. i don't play for job security. i will be fine. i go out, i play to win. i'm not worried about job security when i step in this space. >> coming off a tough loss, manning gets all of the attention but the defense is ranked number one in the nfl. and if he is taking shots when they appear. and he knows defense will be tough to hahnel. >> they're playing hard and they're physical. they're getting to the ball doing a good job down the red
7:54 pm
zone. and you just see the speed coming up. >> one best match up is the battle of undefeated teams. cal bears hosted by utah in prime time. those will be the biggest tests of the year for the bears. the utes are solid throughout. this will be featured on game day. >> if you become the kind of program you're going to become, you're going to play in games like this. that is the goal. you know? to get where you're playing. you work hard to get in position to play. and then, you hope you're good enough to figure out a way to win. >> our first look at the cal
7:55 pm
basketball team. georgia swing man, jaylen brown, many viewed as the second best player in the nation last year. >> i think it's nice. i don't think you can pay that much attention to it. you know, i said we can start a season and not do well. so it doesn't really have that big of an impact. >> sharks facing off against the l.a. kings. new head coach has the team reenergized. and with new additions namely martin jones. >> what i know about them, they've been able to rise to the occasion against good teams like this in the past.
7:56 pm
that is what i'm expecting. >> and this sports report has been brought to you by bank of the west. and chicago is trying to get it back to a world series. last time, spencer was in high school. >> and graduated already. >> join us tonight at 9:00, the police pursuit with a bizarre ending. what sent this suspect to drink. and there are coyote concerns in a popular park after a dog was attacked. tonight pet owners are getting lessons on how to protect themselves. >> the middle airs at 8:00 followed by goldbergs, modern family, and blackish. after that, nashville followed by abc7 news at 11:00. >> it is jimmy kimmel live. >> keep in mind the news app is
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now available for apple watch. use it for breaking news and personal alerts. it's a free down load. just search for abc7 news bay area. >> that will do it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on twitter. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley from. all of us here, we appreciate your time as always, hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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